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SOS Aventures offers high quality spaces with many escape rooms, along with a lobby that can be adapted to your needs. Perfect to organize a cocktail, a fun conference, a launch or even a family reunion!

SOS Aventures is the ideal activity for a private event at your image. Innovative and different, the escape games we offer allow you to organize an event that won’t go unnoticed in a high quality environment. 

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The escape room phenomenon exists for two reasons: it’s fun and efficient! The efficiency of these games comes from the immersion the players live, along with social interactions and the pressure of a ticking clock. An exciting formula for a private event!

In Saint-Jérôme, our 5 adventures can welcome a total of 42 people per hour, allowing for a high amount of people in just a few hours. We also offer a room, Ramses II, in double, to allow two teams to compete at the same time. 

In Québec, our 3 current adventures can welcome a total of 32 people simultaneously. We also offer a room in double, The Cursed Treasure, that allows two teams to compete. By the end of 2019, our 6 adventures will welcome a total of 48 people per hour.


We offer the possibility to book the lobby as well for your event, along with the use of our rooms. If you would like more information on the renting of the spaces, contact us and we will do our best to meet your with your needs. 

The fare varies depending on the moment of the reservation; if you wish to book the venue during a day we are usually open, additional fees may be applied. 

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