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For your special occasions, SOS Aventures offers you the chance to live something unique with your loved ones. Whether it be for someone’s birthday or to celebrate an important event, escape games is the perfect activity! Of a length of 60 minutes, this activity can easily fit in a day filled with many events, allowing you to do many more.



You wish to celebrate someone’s birthday? In addition to play for free, that person will remember that day for a long time! To play freely, the reservation has to be the day before, of or the day after the person’s birthday and for a minimum of 4 people.

Is it appropriate for a child’s birthday?It really depends on the children! We have games that are easier than others, which means they’ll be more fun for your child and their friends. In general, children between 8 and 11 have a good comprehension, but still aren’t totally autonomous by themselves. 12 years and older have a better success rate. We are oftentimes amazed by teens’ capacities, they aren’t to be underestimated. However, the presence of an adult is necessary to help solve certain riddles and supervise the group. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us so you’re certain you’re making the right choice for your group. So, if your child has always wanted to open a treasure chest to find their birthday present hidden inside, it’s the best choice for you! 



Bachelorette party? Graduation? Promotion? We often welcome groups that would like to highlight an important event. Escape rooms are activities that gather people and encourage communication in a fun and stimulating setting. It’s one of those rare indoors activities that can produce that much adrenaline! Will your group succeed in solving the mysteries of our adventures in 60 minutes or less?