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About SOS Aventures

Who are we?

We are board games fanatics who have discovered a passion for escape games. Our company is family based but we are very professional in what we do. Creative, planners and intellectuals, we have the qualities required to make you live extraordinary adventures!

We have developed and built our SME to have to ability to realize all aspects of our adventures in house. All the puzzles, audio and scenery that you you will see and hear at SOS Aventures are are created by us with a lot of love and attention. We have evolved and continue to evolve over time. Our new adventures are much more immersive than our first ones.

Our values





Open minded

Our mission

Our mission is to offer a high quality experience to our customers in order to become the reference in entertainment. We use well-defined performance indicators to always ensure the highest level of satisfaction possible. In the years to come, we plan to expand and bring this experience to more people.

We strongly believe that we offer much more beyond a game. Escape games help develop a wide range of competencies and interpersonal skills that are very useful in everyday life. Regularly, we are contacted by companies and organizations that have particular and specific needs in the course of their activities. We always try to respond to requests by adapting to those needs with great openness and always with the vision of offering the best possible experience.


Les fugitifs

17 mai 2019
Critique testeurs : Mor Drakkar

Remax Bonjour

Nos ambassadeurs ont tenté l’expérience SOS Aventures!

Le Soleil

20 août 2018
Jeux d’évasion : SOS Aventures arrive à Québec

Les Fugitifs

8 août 2018
SOS Aventures annonce deux grosses nouvelles.

Les Fugitifs

6 Août 2018
Critique de Wicca – SOS Aventures de St-Jérôme

Journal Le Nord

1er mai 2018
Une soirée en noir et blanc, haute en couleur.

Journal Le nord

24 avril 2018
Le maître de l’évasion
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Our Sucesses


April 28, 2018 : recipient of the “Zénith Coup de coeur du public” at the Zénith Gala of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St-Jérôme.

New entreprise

March 28, 2018 : Finalist in the category “New entreprise” at the Zénith Gala of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St-Jerome.

Honorary scholarship

May 2019: SOS Aventures received an honorary scholarship from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation to encourage its growth and potential.

Our implications

Each year, SOS Aventures donates more than $ 5,000 in sponsorships, gifts and volunteer time to different organizations in the region. To ask for a sponsorship, we invite you to submit your application by sending us your sponsorship plan to
February 2018: Principal sponsor of a silent auction for the CETAS (Treating center for the sexual assaulted) which was part of an activity organized by students in the accounting program at the Saint-Jérôme Cégep.

November 2017: Sponsorship for the Fondation André-Boudreau fundraising dinner, which was set up to support the development of the Laurentian Integrated Health and Social Services Center, responsible for the regional services offered in the area for abused and dependent young people.

October 2017: Sponsor of the « Labyrinthe de l’horreur » at the University of Quebec in  Outaouais of Saint-Jérôme (UQO) organized by the F.E.T.E.

October 2017: Creation of a mobile escape game for the city of Saint-Lin-Laurentides to raise funds for the Relay For Life.

August 2017: Orioles Sponsorship for the Saint-Jérôme Minor Baseball Tournament.

March 2019: Silver sponsorship at the « Samedi de Rire » organized by the students in the administrative program at Cégep Garneau for the benefit of Centraide to help organizations in the region.

March 2019: Silver sponsorship with La Rivière-du-Nord Regional Park Spring Break Week so families can enjoy the outdoors in our beautiful Laurentians.

March 2019: A gift sponsorship to « Les Petits Chanteurs de Charlesbourg » to help continue to priovide a high quality education to our young people, bring them to excel and supass themselves and to provide them with equipment that is adequate. The choir « Petits Chanteurs de Charlesbourg » celebrated its 23rd year this year. They are very active in the Greater Quebec City area, where they offer several concerts each year.

February 2019: A gift sponsorship for the PharmAIDE Fashion Show for the benefit of Pharmaciens Sans Frontières for carrying out humanitarian aid projects in Haiti. This event was organized by pharmaceutical students from Laval University.

February 2019: A gift sponsorship for the Spaghetti Dinner at the Maison des Jeunes in Ste-Scholastique. The funding obtained duing this evening will reduce costs to travel to New York and fun type outings  such as La Ronde, Go-Kart, etc. In addition, some of the money will be used to support the Women’s Center at the Maison des jeunes. The Women’s Center is a community-based organization whose primary mission is to provide women with methods and the means to help them break away from the cycle of poverty, from all forms of violence, to increase their self-esteem, to become more affirmative, to increase their autonomy and, but above all, break their isolation.

January 2019: Sponsorship for the Daffodil Campaign Benefit Dinner for the Canadian Cancer Society – Quebec Region to raise funds for cancer research.

December 2018: Sponsorship for the «Fondation de la pédagogie »  of the Freinet school in Quebec to help fund student projects (equipment, outings, books, furniture, etc.) that are not covered by the school board.

December 2018: Gift card sponsorship for Karate Studios Unis in St-Jerome for their holiday event.

November 2018: Rémi, co-owner of the company, gives conferences during the Entrepreneur Week in the Laurentian region. Nearly 100 primary and secondary school students learned about entrepreneurship and SOS Adventures.

June 2018: Rémi, co-owner of the company, acts as a mentor during the Saint-Jérôme Small Business Day, a day where thousands of children aged from 5 to 12 started a small business for a day in front of their homes or in a gathering to live a (first) entrepreneurship experience.

June 2018: Sponsorship for the ” Journée Plein-Air d’été 2018 ” for the staff at the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme. This day is an opportunity for the Cégep to thank its employees for all the work they have done and to promote the health and well-being of its staff. SOS Aventures wants to encourage education and supports teachers who have the task of passing on knowledge.

May 2018: Sponsorship for the Super Hero Baseball Tournament in benefit of Opération Enfant Soleil.

April 2018: Gold sponsor for the National Day of Leisure Technicians organized at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme.

April 2018: Host of a networking cocktail with a silent auction for the Youth Wing of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St-Jérôme in benefit for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Our team

Rémi Barbeau

Tanya Bérubé
Administrative director

Creative coordinator

Creation Project Manage

Computer Graphics


Assistant Manager

Team Lead

Game Master

Team Lead

Game Master

Game Master

Game Master

Game Master

Quebec City

Assistant manager

Team Lead

Team Lead

Game master

Game master

Game master

Game master





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*Flexible hours. Check the réservations page for more détails.

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*Flexible hours. Check the réservations page for more détails.