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How does this work?

Form a team of adventurers with whom you want to live an exciting experience filled with MYSTERIES and ENIGMA.
Choose an adventure amongst our different scenarios and book online or by phone.

Each of our adventures have a UNIQUE & EXCITING storyline and atmosphere.

Use your LOGIC, your sense of OBSERVATION, REFLECTION and TEAMWORK to successfully complete your adventure within the SET TIME.

Our locations


1089 Boul. Jean-Baptiste-Rolland O.
Saint-Jérôme, J7Y 4Y7

Quebec City

2095 rue Frank-Carrel
Québec (Ste-Foy) G1N 4L8

Why choose SOS Aventures?

Immersive adventures

In addition to living a unique experience, the quality of our sets and the soundtrack of the game will transport you to other worlds!


Our puzzles are created to stay with the immersion of our adventures. We use a perfect balance of locks and electronic props.

Customer service

Our game masters are trained to offer the best possible experience to each of our adventurers. Our goal: to be memorable!

Family SME

The company is family owned and we create our entire adventures internally with our team internally.

Group Activity


SOS Adventures offers the ideal group activity to develop team spirit and leadership. We offer a dynamic approach to strengthen personal and professional ties in a high quality environment that allows you and your team to develop key competences in a fun way.

Birthdays & Celebrations

For all your special occasions, SOS Aventures offers you the chance to experience something unique with your loved ones! Whether it is to celebrate someone’s birthday or to highlight an important life moment, an escape game is an exciting venue sure to please all!

Private Event

SOS Aventures offers upscale spaces with several escape games and a lobby that can be arranged according to your specific needs. Perfect for organizing a cocktail, a fun conference, a launch or even for a family reunion!

what our adventurers say about us

Nous avons fait l'aventure Le trésor maudit et nous avons adoré notre expérience! Aventure bien balancée, éléments du décor qui nous mettent immédiatement dans l'ambiance, personnel chaleureux... Nous allons revenir faire une autre aventure, c'est certain!

Natalie, October 27th 2018

Je vous encourage fortement à essayer SOS Aventures. Vous n'allez pas être déçu. Croyez en la parole d'une personne qui en est à presque dix expériences du genre. J'ai déjà hâte d'essayer les autres scénarios.

Francis – June 24th 2019

Activités de famille avec des amies , autant les enfants que les grands on appréciés , très belle sortie et excellent service 😊

Marie-Pier, June 16th 2019

Ambiance et accueil merveilleux! Énigmes toujours bien et les systèmes utilisés qui permettent de débloquer les indices sont vraiments intéressant et impressionnants. J'adore!

Stéphanie, June 26th 2019

Une expérience incroyable, des décors fabuleux , une équipe accueillante, chaleureuse et sympathique qui travaille toujours avec brio pour nous faire passer des moments uniques! Allez essayer leur nouvelle salle de jeux autant que leur moins récente. Vous ne serrez pas déçu. Je recommande plus que 3x1000 !!!!

Emerick, May 14th 2019

Très réaliste comme décors, des énigmes intéressantes, des défis à la hauteur de nos attentes avec la barre de plus en plus haute à chaque fois! De plus, un personnel fort accueillant et sympathique! Good job

Gabriel, May 14th 2019

« Wow! Our second visit today and still blown away by the quality of the sets and scenarios. Eventhough it was our 2nd visit, the experience was beyond our expectations. »

Michael – April 29, 2018

« A great group experience with our family ranging from 6 to 70 years old. We have all enjoyed it and it was the best welcome we received from a company in a long time! You have the customer experience at heart. Bravo! »

Genie – March 10, 2018

« Great place! For having done several escape room games, this one greatly impressed us! Nice welcome! We will come back for sure!!! »

Élyse – October 20, 2018

Super accueil comme toujours.. Les gens sont superbes, les salles aussi. Une visite = du plaisir assuré.

Annik, January 4th 2019

You have questions?

It’s normal to have questions, the concept is not common! We have grouped together the most frequently asked questions to help you in your search.
Do we need a reservation?
No, but a reservation guarantees you a time slot. Reservations are easily made online or over the phone during our business hours. If you come to the store without a reservation, we will be happy to show you the available time slots.
Can I cancel / modify a reservation?
Yes, you will be able to do so directly from the confirmation email you will receive when booking . You may make a change up to 5 hours prior to your reservation.
If we have already booked and people want to join / withdraw from our group, is it possible?
Absolutely. You do not have to notify us, but if you wish, you can change your reservation from the confirmation email you received up to 3 hours before the start of your game. However, you must always respect the minimum / maximum number of players for your adventure. You can also phone us to make the change with a member of our team.
Is it appropriate for everyone?
Yes! Escape games do not require special knowledge. Each member of your team thinks in a different way and it’s by sharing your ideas that you will be able to progress in the game. Communication is the key!
Are there any age restrictions?
No, our adventures are achievable by all. However, in order to complete all the riddles and puzzles, we recommend that young participants be between 12 and 17 years old. The curiosity and the logic of the young people often make it possible to understand certain puzzles more quickly. Children under 12 years old are very curious and find several elements and clues, however, they fail to complete the game completely and theefore the presence of adults is necessary. We recommend a ratio of one adult per one or two children to maximize the chances of success. It is mandatory to have at least one player aged 16 and over per group, who assumes full responsibility for the group.
Do I have to pay in advance?
No, each participant will be able to pay for his entry upon arrival. If you wish to pay in advance, you can come the store to make the payment for a future reservation. This does not apply to special or corporate groups.
Are we mixed with other people?
Never. We do not mix groups and it is important to us not to. Effective communication is the key to successfully completing an escape room and it is difficult to communicate well with strangers. However, it is important to respect the number of players required per game.

Our blog article

Comment créer un jeu d’évasion? [Mini-série]

Comment créer un jeu d’évasion? [Mini-série]

SOS Aventures vous présente une mini-série sur notre processus de création de nos jeux d’évasion.

Découvrez à travers 8 capsules chaque détails et voyez comment ça se déroule “behind the scenes”.

SOS Aventures et la COVID-19

SOS Aventures et la COVID-19

SOS Aventures a mis en place des mesures pour prévenir la COVID-19.

Consulter notre communiqué à ce sujet pour en savoir davantage.





1089 Boul. Jean-Baptiste-Rolland O., Saint-Jérôme
Opening hours
Lundi 10h30 à 01h00
Mardi 10h30 à 01h00
Mercredi 10h30 à 01h00
Jeudi 10h30 à 01h00
Vendredi 10h30 à 01h00
Samedi 10h30 à 01h00
Dimanche 10h30 à 01h00

*Flexible hours. Check the reservations page for more détails.

Québec City



2095 rue Frank-Carrel, Local 219
Québec (Ste-Foy), G1N 4L8
Opening hours
Lundi 11h00 à 00h30
Mardi 11h00 à 00h30
Mercredi 11h00 à 00h30
Jeudi 11h00 à 00h30
Vendredi 11h00 à 00h30
Samedi 11h00 à 00h30
Dimanche 11h00 à 00h30

*Flexible hours. Check the reservations page for more détails.